Sale products to employees?

I am using on on regular basis.

I have few questions…

What entry should I use If my employee buy something from my stock.

What entry should I use if I want to sale return? or purchase return?

this depends on what you are actually doing.
are you collecting cash from the employee for the sale?
are you giving it free of cost?
are you adjusting the cost with the employee salary?

Enable Credit Notes and Debit Notes from Customize option.

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Thank you, I want to adjust the cost from the employees salary.

Considering you have enabled Employees tab and using payroll function, follow the steps below.

1.Create a sales invoice as usual with the inventory as a line item.
2.Receive the amount in your cash account.
3.Add a new line and in the Accounts column select Employee clearing account, select the employee and enter the exact negative value of sales invoice and update.

Now the invoice will be show as paid and the amount will show as an advance to the employee.

but in that entries, my cash flows up.

Not with the Receive Money entry as it total’s zero

However when you come to pay the employee your cash will be up - if they normally get paid 600, then this time round you will only be paying 550.