Sale cash from Cash in hand

I would like to sale Cash from Cash in Hand, it should be reduce from acount and added to customer account as sale. How it is possible.

Could you expand upon what you mean? Can you provide an example?

To enter cash sales follow these steps:

  1. Create the sales invoice.
  2. Click - View.
  3. Click - Receive Money.
  4. Enter account money was Received In.

i would like to sale cash as loan to any custmoer from cash in hand or bank, if i sale Cash then it should be reduced from Cash account auto.

That is not possible but a crazy workaround that might suit you is to select the Customer Credits A/C when you categorize loans to customers from your bank account transactions and enter the customer name. The result will be a negative Customer Credit balance that you can track under the Customers tab. The negative amount under Customer Credits will represent the amount owed to you by the customer.

I assume your customers are only borrowing money from you rather than purchasing goods or services.