RTL support is a Must

When printing reports in Arabic or any Right To Left language the table in the reports, be it a receipt or a summary, is in the wrong direction.

I have a hacky workaround which is to right-click on the table and click properties. This will show a dialogue with information about the current page and there is a URL provided. Copy that URL and open it in your favorite browser. This way you can use your browser’s Developer Tools and change the table’s CSS to add the following CSS rule:

direction: rtl;

add to the #printable-content class and it should look like this:

#printable-content * {

    border-width: 0px;
    border-color: #000;
    border-style: solid;
    direction: rtl;


then you can click print from that page and it will print correctly.

(Note: dates have to be manually edited from the developer tools because they are not translated)

Hi Lubos,
Same problem here. I use Arabic language. the direction of the interface layout is left to right when using Arabic which is not intuitive for the users.

Please add this capability to manager, when switching to RTL language, switch the page direction to RTL

My language is urdu we need RTL language support

Hi hatem

Can you give some details so how I can find CSS to change it ?
Iam using Arabic language


What @HatEm refers to are browser features, applicable only when using the server or cloud edition. They are not features of Manager itself.


The exact procedure varies with operating system, I believe in Windows you:

This should work with the hosted server (cloud), private server or desktop version of Manager.
The details of the mouse actions are a little different in other operating systems because the difference in the browser used on different operating systems.

The method does not work at all with the desktop edition under macOS.

Then on the Mac desktop version of Manager, it would be worth trying first opening a second browser window. Then the same browser access as the server version would be available.

Good thinking, @patch. Yes, that works.

Right click the tab name in the left navigation pane and select “Open Link in New Window.” Or drag the tab name to a browser window that is already open. Then right-click in the new window and select “Open Page Source.”

Added to the latest version (20.2.68)

When you switch to one of the following languages:

  • Arabic
  • Dhivehi
  • Hebrew
  • Kurdish
  • Persian
  • Urdu

The entire interface will be right-to-left.

There is still some work to do. PDF generator will still assume LTR mode. There is still issue with themes. Minor layout issues. Etc. but most screens should be fine at this point.


display fit problem at ARABIC RTL when edit transactions. out of screen border

@maldroubi, please do not just say there is a problem. Describe it completely. What transactions? Out of border where and under what circumstances? Illustrate with screen shots. Corrective action is impossible on the basis of your post.

@Tut just if you swapped to ARABIC and edited any of invoices or records you will see what I meant. my abbreviation was very clear. display screen fit of edit all invoices,Journal Entry, receipt and credit notes. ( desktop and server edition ) Mac OS

@maldroubi, please do not ask other forum members or moderators to do your work for you. You are the one (the only one) reporting a problem, so it is your responsibility to illustrate it.

@Tut it was only note, its not a problem for me I used eng. (no need all that drama )

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@maldroubi I can’t reproduce this issue. When I switch to Arabic, it looks correct to me. Someone will need to demonstrate with the screenshot. Maybe I’m missing something.

I have tried Google Chrome and mozilla firefox it seems to me ok. in some tabs because of the no of fields we have to move to the left side to fill other information which is ok

I have tried my phone apple using safari we can’t scroll to left or right the page will be freeze as it is. scrolling up and down ok but right and let it is not. with English no issues.

@lubos I attached 3 screen shoot for sales invoice , credit note and journal entry
all three it show only right scrolling bar (up&down) no left & right one. it impossible to control the edit entry ( this problem only in right language options ) .

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I can reproduce this on a Mac with any of the right-to-left languages, but I don’t know whether it has anything to do with Manager or is something to do with the operating system. The behavior appears to be related to the operating system’s perception of where the origin of the page display is.

When the pdf generator will work fine with RTL languages? for now, I use the print option and use the pdf printer but the behavior is not constant.