RTL - Icon direction [Issue]

For languages like Arabic, Persian, and Kurdish, etc. which are right-to-left (RTL) oriented, the icons’ orientations need to be flipped when the page direction changes to RTL.

Regrettably, this issue has persisted for quite some time, and I hope it has been categorized as a bug to be addressed in future versions.

Current version:


Correct one:

Your suggestion does not make sense. The arrow icons you indicate are navigation buttons that control moving through the database, which is sequential. RTL language preferences affect only what is displayed.

Then shouldn’t the amount of items indicator be changed too?

Managers possess a multitude of features. By addressing minor issues, we can enhance their perfection. For those who rely on Manager in their daily tasks, even small virtual problems can be remarkably vexing.

Indeed :face_with_monocle:

This a duplicate of my post here it’s not just the style of the button the functionality is also reversed.

In terms of functionality, I don’t believe there is an inherent issue. When you alter the direction of an HTML page, all elements within the page flip accordingly, except for images, icons, and similar elements, which require manual adjustment.

For instance, in the case of the backward and forward icons with the code <i class="fas fa-step-backward"></i>, despite changing the page’s direction, these icons remain unchanged. As a result, we need to manually modify them to class="fas fa-step-forward".

Regardless, I hadn’t come across your previous post. Any updates addressing this concern would undoubtedly enhance the community’s overall user experience.

I agree. This needs to be fixed asap.


Improved in the latest version (


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