RPM broken on Fedora 27 - webkitgtk no longer provided

webkitgtk is no longer provided in Fedora 27 repositories for security reasons.

 Problem: conflicting requests
  - nothing provides webkitgtk needed by manager-accounting-17.11.28-1.x86_64

When installing the Fedora 26 RPM webkitgtk-2.4.11-5.fc26.x86_64 Manager will correctly install but will not launch, displaying an error.

17.11.28: System.InvalidOperationException: GTK WebView is only supported on Linux, and requires webkit-sharp
  at Eto.GtkSharp.Forms.Controls.WebViewHandler..ctor () [0x00045] in <d09493bb3252413b88d0fed772f6fc9b>:0 
  at Eto.GtkSharp.Platform.<AddTo>b__37 () [0x00000] in <d09493bb3252413b88d0fed772f6fc9b>:0 
  at Eto.Widget..ctor () [0x0006c] in <2c3b8fa69720444b9de0309b3a5e40aa>:0 
  at Eto.Forms.BindableWidget..ctor () [0x00000] in <2c3b8fa69720444b9de0309b3a5e40aa>:0 
  at Eto.Forms.Control..ctor () [0x00000] in <2c3b8fa69720444b9de0309b3a5e40aa>:0 
  at Eto.Forms.WebView..ctor () [0x00000] in <2c3b8fa69720444b9de0309b3a5e40aa>:0 
  at ManagerDesktop.WebView..ctor () [0x00000] in <27d455ae6e16449d9017d04a76ca1faf>:0 
  at ManagerDesktop.Program.Main (System.String[] args) [0x001e8] in <27d455ae6e16449d9017d04a76ca1faf>:0 

webkit-sharp is installed so I’m not too sure how to resolve that… It is recommended to port from webkit to webkit2, webkit won’t be re-released in any future versions, breaking Manager on Fedora >= 27 and most likely more distros to come.


Just a guess - - - - something to do with Wayland…

Nope it doesn’t work with X11 either.

Yep, ahtcx is correct. Webkitgtk is has numerous security issues that won’t be fixed upstream and its also a depreciated API therefore Fedora has dropped support for it. I dare say Manager will need to be ported over to use the newer API at some point in the future as surely all other linux distros will eventually follow suit.

As a short term workaround that people may want to use, I’ve built (Fedora copr) webkitgtk (2.4.11) & manager-accounting packages for Fedora 27. See here: https://copr.fedorainfracloud.org/coprs/vaughan/manager-accounting/

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Thanks @agrez your repo works great, do you plan on regulary updating the Manager binary?

Yes, I can do but I might need a reminder from time to time :slight_smile:. If I get distracted doing other things people can open an issue and request an updated release here: GitHub - agrez/manager-accounting: Manager - Free Accounting Software for Small Businesses

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@agrez I am just wondering how you are going with resolving this issue. I was running your copr for a while and now i am getting package conflicts in Fedora 27. I have remove Manager and your copr but when I try to install manager 18.1 it still seems to need your copr.

Yeah, I have noticed ‘dnf update’ was complaining. As far I can see nothing actually breaks and manager-accounting still installs, updates and runs fine using the copr repo on my system. Fedora is using the fedora-obsolete-packages rpm to rid an upgraded OS of obsoleted packages (such as webkitgtk < 2.4.12). Annoyingly, it seems dnf still whinges about fedora-obsolete-packages-27-11.noarch obsoleting webkitgtk < 2.4.12, even when the package is not installed! I’m not actually sure how to stop dnf complaining about this but If anyone has any ideas, please open an issue at the github repo.

Is it possible to try reference the newer versions of webkitgtk? might need to update some of the legacy code in the program in order to achieve this though.

I’m just packaging the program and also ensuring we meet its run-time dependencies, eg. providing the webkitgtk+ API version 1 library (libwebkitgtk-1.0.so.0). Until Lubos (the main developer of Manager) ports the program to use webkit2-sharp / webkitgtk+ API version 2 (or something else entirely different), there’s not much I can do about it unfortunately.

Doesn’t look like issues in github are being used but I have logged this in github as requested.

Seems like i can’t post more than 3 replies since I am a new user.

I think saying Fedora is not a good choice is really not appropriate. The thing about Linux is having the freedom to do what you want. Though it is nice to have things work, I understand that it is community supported so its different then having a commercially supported system.

I am happy to try work with someone to resolve the issue but i am not sure what to do alone.
I just downloaded the latest version from the website for Fedora which currently it is saying 18.1.89. it is still asking for the old versions of webkit though.

I think this is something @eto could answer. Manager is using Eto.Forms library which is referencing Webkit (my code doesn’t reference Webkit directly). So he would know more about this.

Hey @lubos,

The webkitgtk dependency has been updated to use libwebkit2gtk-4.0.so.37 for Eto.Forms 2.4, so you would just need to update to that.

Thanks Curtis, this is great. On Windows, the latest version works without any issues.

Looking at Nuget, Eto.Platform.XamMac2 is still at version 2.3.0. Are there going to be binaries for 2.4.1 at some point?

Ah, that is just an oversight. I’ll publish xammac2 asap.

I also had a problem with webkitgtk2. Now work without problems. I think that RPM is not broken. Several days ago i have downloaded latest version, extract and install on Manjaro. Better to change OS. Fedora is not good choice

The latest version (18.4.1) is now compatible with Fedora 27 thanks to work done by @eto.

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