Rounding VAT

How do you guys handle a situation where the supplier rounds the VAT say £59.496 to £59.49 instead of £59.50. Manager rounds the 496 up to 50 pence which is correctly, but the suppliers rounds it down to 49 pence.

How do I balance the amount as I cannot change the VAT to round to what they have rounded it to?

I know that my balance is only out by 1 pence, but I would like to get the amount to balance! What do other people do?

The advantage of living where I do is that we don’t have VAT. :wink: Of course, we also don’t have a built-in tax scheme in Manager. :sob:

You are quite right. It’s all the government’s fault! What I might do is alter an amount somewhere to get the totals to balance. I don’t think that the HMRC will come after for me for 1 pence!

Just enter these purchase invoices with amounts that are VAT inclusive. Supplier indicates you are being charged £59.49 VAT, Manager indicates you are being charged £59.50 VAT. No big deal. As long as you enter purchase invoice as VAT inclusive regardless of rounding discrepancies, purchase invoice total will be correct.

Nobody is ever going to chase you for claiming that extra 1 pence on your VAT return. These rounding inconsistencies are expected and part of life.

I know that nobody is worried about a penny on my tax return. For me the bother was more that the books didn’t balance. Its only a penny now, but it will end up being £10 out by the end of the year. I will try your suggestion next time. What I did this time was I adjusted the amount of one of the items by a penny down and got the amounts to tally up.

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