Difference between amounts

Sometimes, there is a 0.01 difference between the actual amount and the one in an invoice, after the VAT (Server 19.2.42)

That’s due to rounding method. Generally double-entry accounting software packages (including Manager) are rounding tax amounts per line item, then totaling them up. If your supplier is preparing invoice by hand, they will usually calculate tax on the invoice total.

If there is a difference due to rounding, the best solution is to enter transaction with amounts being Tax inclusive.

See: Choose between tax-exclusive and tax-inclusive prices | Manager

Hi again,

This is only helpful, if there is only one item on the purchase invoice. Right?

If there is only one item on purchase invoice, then there shouldn’t be rounding discrepancy in the first place.

The solution I gave is obviously for purchase invoices with multiple line items. Another options is simply create new account called Rounding expense and when entering purchase invoice, allocate 0.01 to this rounding expense account.