Rounding Expense

This has shown up in the Summary after I updated to v20.10.70 This has rounded expenses in the tax column. Now my numbers are out.

What do you mean by this? Rounding expense is an automatic account where rounding from sales invoices is posted. What “tax column” are you referring to? Please illustrate with screen shots.

It came up in a seperate tab called uncategorised on the Summary page. I did not check the rounding box on any of the transactions. When I print my tax reconciliation it shows it is short by the amount in the rounding expense tab. I have since fixed it by closing Manager and restarting then doing a backup. Next time I post a topic I will post a screenshot. Thanks for replying so quickly.

Any account you have not assigned to a group (what you called a tab) is, by default, assigned to an Uncategorized group. See the Guide: Build a chart of accounts | Manager.

That does not matter. If you enable the Sales Invoices tab the account appears.

What is short? How do you know? If you are using the program correctly, amounts in the Rounding expense account are unrelated to taxes.

This does not make sense. Closing and relaunching the program does not change any transaction or report. Likewise, making backups changes nothing.

I notice you very recently joined the forum. I don’t know how long you have been using the program, but it seems your unfamiliarity with various features may be causing you to misinterpret what you are seeing. Or misuse has caused unexpected results.