Journal entry Rounding

Journal entries in the Journal entry tab show un-rounded values.
In comparison all other transactions show rounded values at the tab level.

The view and edit screens are consistent with Managers current conventions

The improvement idea described in the above link would be better again ie rounding showing on the edit screen so the user can see and correct rounding errors on the edit screen

The issue with the current implementation is

  • the Journal entry tab will show journal entries balanced (with fractional numbers)
  • The edit screen will show the journal entries balanced (with fractional numbers)
  • The view screen of the journal entry can show the journal entry unbalanced (with rounded values)
  • Double entry accounting in now unbalanced with very minimal user visibility

A use case for fractional number entry in Journal entry is when calculation is used such as Private vehicle use - worked example

The latest version (21.1.60) will round the figures in the list of journal entries based on how they are posted to G/L.

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