Revenue Report Generation

hi how can we generate a revenue report against sold items ?

i put some in billable expenses and generate the invoice, i edited the invoice with margin for example:

billable expense $8,000
Invoice $10,000
profit $2,000

please advise

Create a Profit and Loss Statement under Reports.

If you’ve done things properly, your markup will show in an automatically activated account, Billable expenses - markup. See the Guide:

can we more specify item wise report

What exactly do you mean? What information are you looking for?

i wanted to generate a report which should mentioned the following details
Invoice #
Cost Amount
Sold Amount
Profit Amount
and total for all columns

please advise

Some of this information is available by exporting the Sales Invoices listing. But cost and profit are not ever determinable from sales invoices, in any accounting system. Sales invoices are not connected to information necessary to determine how much it cost to produce or deliver the items being invoiced.

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