Restrict Users from Warehouses/Locations

I have multiple warehouses and I created a different user for each storeman.

The problem is that each user is accessing warehouses other than his warehouse, he can even make stock transaction from the stock of other warehouses.

I tried to restrict each user to one warehouse, but there is no such option, similar to how I restricted each cashier to one cash account.


I support this request, I really believe that there should be warehouse access privilege.

For example, workers in New York should by no means see the warehouse of Los Angeles when choosing a warehouse for any inventory transaction. The privilege should be reserved for the Manager or the one who has the authority to move goods between these warehouses.

This avoids errors, and reconciliation or correction of such errors can be very daunting (even if the error is just one.)

Manager already can hide Bank/cash account from limited users which is super excellent. This workflow needs to be copied to warehouse.

Read this


yep, it will be better if we can control warehouse by user


This will be a very fantastic addition to Manager. Its long overdue. I have lost many prospective clients to other applications because of the absence of this feature


@lubos will this feature be ever implemented?

will this feature be ever implemented?

I told tut this and was told this cant happen and I need a more sophisticated system as this is just for accounting primarily. If this feature is add this will a competitive edge against the likes of sap and oracle which have this built in. I f.en love it

@Emily_Deary, I told you no such thing. In your other topic, I wrote that what you are asking for is very complex, and then told you how to do some of what you want with current features of Manager. Only then did I suggest Manager might not be sophisticated enough to perform the inventory management functions you want. At no point did I tell you this could not be done. But there are reasons software from SAP and Oracle costs so much and takes so much training to use.

So I took a creative approach read ago
Again your words went so direct. I have read post comments over the past 4 years and lists of people have asked for this and batch printing but still no updates.

Brucanna knows what is needed their comments are spot on. Having to assign stock to a locaction and then add a sub field to the item in that locaction is what people want when you create a invoice it should pick up the locaction the logged in user is assigned to instead of having to choice which is the stupidest idea anyone has ever had if you have more then 1 shop front or warehouse. I have used oracle and it is heavy on maintenance and computer resource heavy my last company spent 12million aud over 5 years for oracle and custom hardware to run it at full potential.

@Emily_Deary, you just reinforced my point. For 12M AUD, you could subscribe to the cloud edition of Manager essentially forever. But you may not get everything you want. There are reasons SAP and Oracle stay in business.

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And do you have 12million I will resubmit this as an idea on the forum. @lubos

How does one imagine this feature should work? For example…

If I restrict user to only one warehouse.

  • Should they see stock levels in other warehouses?
  • Should they be able to record inventory transfers between warehouses if they have access to one they are transferring from/to?

Should they see stock levels in other warehouses?

should not, they should see only stock levels they have right

Should they be able to record inventory transfers between warehouses if they have access to one they are transferring from/to?

should not (same as inter account transfer)

@lubos this is the idea, in most businesses where inventory is sold, there usually is a manager and front men. The front men or sales reps just issue inventory/items for cash and that it. The manager is the one who monitors the stock levels in all the stock locations. He is the one who should care about inventory reports and inventory levels not the person selling or issuing them.

There are a lot of benefits with restrictions in an accounting applications (see the embedded post in post 2)
@Tut to be honest with you it seems you are against improvement of features in this app. You usually speak against very important feature requests some of which are basic and should be in any application meant for accounting, but without growth the app will fail. We can wake up tomorrow and find out that another app is out there with all these features so these requests should be taken serious, it been years.

If it is impossible now to reprogram restrictions in the app due to programming limitations it must be made known otherwise there is no reason why these very important features should not be implemented, it amazing to discover that @lubos doesn’t even think it necessary to make this improvement. An example is how a restricted user can have access to edit, delete etc entries they are restricted from in settings it unbelievable to find out that lubos hasn’t done anything about it after all these years.
It is as if Manager has peaked and can’t grow again.

See here

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I also suggest and vote this feature.

i vote this, agreed with auther


It seems this request is forgotten. @lubos will this feature see the light. We have many locations each location having two different warehouses; one for food items and one for spare parts. Each warehouse has different storekeeper. Currently it is like impossible for each storekeeper to track its warehouse inventory especially when you have a thousand inventory items.

Nothing in the ideas category is forgotten @Drew_Mike. That is why it exists. But there are more than 190 other ideas also there. And some have been there much longer.

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I am thinking of creating this topic before I decided to search the forum, this is a very nice topic that needs to be address for smooth running operation for business person with many locations.

Personally I have 8 locations and users are making mistake choosing wrong location when making sales (not all the time but once in a while). This will be a very great impact and improvement to manager software when implemented.

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