Restore Backup from Old Version

Dear All,
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thank you for your support in advance and sorry for disturbing you !
My short story is :
I used Manager for more than 2 years with an old laptop with an old version , I think it is 15.0.00 , Now, I purchased a new laptop and when try to restore the backup from the Old one, I faced this error :SQLite database

The New Version just downloaded yesterday, 21.10.16

So please help me to renew the backup so I can restore my data of more than 2 years :frowning:

Your early reply is Highly appreciated…

Your question has been addressed many times on the forum. A search will turn up instructions on how to update in stages.

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See this post Restoring data issue - #2 by Patch

As this request is a recurrent theme, perhaps covering it in the guides would be sensible. Not many users know to search for GitHub

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Thank you for reply, I already searched before add this topic but actually no result found as specific reply and instructions guide me and others how to solve this issue.
By the way, I couldn’t to update the old version many times , so I have no choice , only request you dears to help to don’t lose my data for 2 years.
I am normal User my dear, I am not developer as you so the main idea for search is :how to restore back up , if you search by this manner , you will not find the solution ^.^

I know there is stupidity in concept but we learn from you good things and non stupid ideas :innocent:

Thank you so much for help!
Have a nice day my friend ! :kissing_heart: