Resolving Price Change in Inventory

How do I resolve change in the price of an inventory?

For instance, the item I sell was bought for $5 today but in the next two weeks, it is being sold to me for $7. How do I reconcile that on my Inventory especially as I am not done selling out the other stock and I have bought a new stock.

Also, I created my inventory and put only the purchase price of the inventory because the price I sell each one depends on who is buying and when they buy. I hope that will not be an issue on Manager?

Last question - I use a Windows 10 Laptop but my Brother uses a Windows 8 Laptop. As it is, the latest version of Manager works on my device properly but does not work on his device. He had to downgrade to version 16 to be able to get a working version. How can this be resolved?

Thank you!

You may wish to consult this guide; Manage inventory - Part 1 Introduction | Manager. Manager only uses the Average Cost method for inventory. As long as this inventory costing method is acceptable for your needs, you will not need to do anything and Manager will handle the adjustments.

Per this guide, Create and manage inventory items | Manager, that will not be an issue.

As to your last question, someone more knowledgeable with the Windows version would have to provide input.

there is nothing to resolve. Manager only calculates the average cost of inventory items you buy and sell. you can read about these in the guides @p4unger provided.

i am not sure where you downloaded the older version but the official website only allows downloading the latest version. you need to provide more details than just generally saying it is not working. so generally answering, recently there have been issues with the proper version of .NET framework not installed. you should update it if it is not updated to version 4.6.1 or higher. also, it would be better to atleast upgrade to Windows 8.1 from Windows 8 due to possible issues discussed in the below topic.