Request - Special Account Implementations

In the last few months I started using more and more special accounts. I find them very useful. Here are my suggestions to make them more functional:

  1. I think that, when I click on special account tab, the list is a mess. It’s like mixing apples with oranges. Each special account group should have its own total and group under all its subaccounts. Don’t know what it would be more coherent for @lubos with the current interface. I suggest something very similar to bank accounts. A first level with the list special account group with totals and a second with the subaccounts.

  2. with a mechanism similar to bank accounts, I think it’s fundamental to have access rule settable for each special account group.

  3. this would be an A++ implementation. I know it’s very difficult to implement but asking doesn’t cost anything. Each special account group should have its own group of custom fields applied to it’s subaccounts. This would make the special account tab almost like a custom module kit.



Not denying the practicalities of the request, however

True, but by giving each Special Account “group” a starting code (A-, B-, C-) will at least list related sub-accounts consecutively, albeit without sub-totals.

This can be achieved via clicking the Summary tab Custom Control account related to that group of Special Accounts.

Your suggestion, “similar to bank accounts” seems a logical approach so will add it to the expanding “Ideas”

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Yes but you will see only the voices different from zero.

That’s the subject of another idea already.

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I like most what I asked before, are now requested by yourself. My instinct does not betray me.

I already suggest multi-level sub accounts for special accounts (not in COA but in the listing) before, the use case was for membership to track individually (not as customer), helpful when it comes to loan, rent and comissions activities also. As usual I’m not good at convincing people :stuck_out_tongue:

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