Request: Must Need Product Image Icon or Thumbnail on Inventory List

Dear Concern

We are running an Artificial Jewelry store, and there are so many articles with the same name and almost similar designs but different SKU numbers. We can not figure out which article are we actually searching from Manager’s Inventory List. We have to view each article, tap the image attachment and look for the article we are searching for which makes it quite impossible to locate articles from Manager’s Inventory List.

We have to maintain a separate excel sheet only for associating the images with the respective SKU numbers so that we can review the customers’ queries, who only send the product images.

We request you to please add an icon or thumbnail on the inventory list in which the picture of product is already on view.

It will help us a lot.


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You can already do that with a custom field. Search the Guides index for “custom field” and “image” for relevant Guides, with examples.

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Thank you for your kind guidance Tut. We succeeded in uploading an image of one of our listed inventory items following the guides you suggested. I signed up to this forum yesterday, and we got a solution within a day!!!
Thanks again.

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