Request for Change to Bulk Update of Sales Invoice Items

Bulk update option can be used for the same. But the problem in the current version is that the sales invoice items are tightly coupled with the sales invoice, so if the sales invoice items are used in the sales invoice, they can not be bulk updated or even deleted.
I don’t know if it is feasible or not but can the design be modified so that in sales invoices , a copy of sales invoice item is used thereby removing the dependencies between the two. If somebody wants to do a bulk update it should allow it as there is no coupling of items with invoice. After the update old sales invoice items in the older invoices should not be impacted.

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Sales invoice items are not tightly coupled with sales invoices. The only information which is taken from sales invoices items by old invoices is Code field. So unless you change Code field for invoice item, none of the invoices will change when changing any other field on sales invoice items.