Request for Built in VAT Code for Saudi Arabia

Dear Developer

could you please kindly create built in VAT Rate for Saudi Arabia VAT 5%

In the meantime, you can create it as a custom tax rate.

Here’s the guide: Create and use tax codes | Manager - look under the heading “Custom tax codes”.

thank for your reply

Added to the latest version (17.10.38)

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@abdulbari you are a Saudi Hero

Thanks for your support

Dear @lubos

can you please add 0% VAT and Exempt VAT in built in VAT for Saudi

Thanks for you support

@abdulbari, can you provide a link to official documentation that your law requires specific designation of these rates on tax invoices, as opposed to no tax code being shown, which automatically implies a zero rate?

Please find the below link

Thank you, @abdulbari. The VAT Manual (link available on site you referenced) includes the following information about filing VAT returns:


Therefore, the Manager Tax Summary should be able to show 0% and Exempt rates. I will invite @lubos into this thread so they can be added.

Thanks a lot

Added to the latest version (18.3.22)

Thank you