Request: Automatic Accounts on Suppliers / Vendors

I don’t know how difficult this could be to the developers but it would be really great if you can set up an automatic account (mostly for expenses) for every vendor / supplier. For example, when you write a “spend money transaction” you have to chose the expense account for every transaction. It would be nice that you can create a vendor / supplier and assign in the setting of each vendor or supplier the expense account you would use for this particular “contact”. Maybe sometimes you would use the same contact to other expense but in most cases you will use the same expense account for every vendor or supplier, so this would make a really big difference in time for those who will enter a lot of data in Manager daily.

I know this could implicate some changes because how is Manager now, you cannot create contacts or vendors for expenses, just the suppliers for bills and invoices you receive but eventually, if this could be considered as an option in Manager, it would be really great for those who work with massive amount of data every day.

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That is a good suggestion, allowing a default expense code to be part of the Supplier set up.

The electricity supplier is only going to require the Electricity expense account.

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I would like to raise this old suggestion. I would very much find it helpful if a default account could be assigned to each respective supplier and customer, when setting up those particular lists. I have in the majority of cases, specific accounts for various suppliers and customers (eg: An Insurance company will be related to an insurance account) If this allocation could be arranged at the time of setting up an customer or supplier, then the process will become more user friendly. Be it that the account allocation will be as a default BUT with the opportunity to change, if an odd circumstance arises, requiring to allocate to a differing account.