Add attachments to reports

I would like to add my Vat PDF files that I receive from the tax authorities to Manager. The logical place to put the pdf files would be on the VAT Calculation Worksheet that I create each quarter as the information in that report mirrors exactly the information I would receive in the VAT Return that I receive from HMRC.

Could we have the ability to add attachment to reports as I can see many instances where you might want to create a report and link it to a document.

Reports are not stored, so there is nothing to attach anything to. Only their definitions are stored. You must have a transaction in order to store an attachment.

Where would I be able to put the VAT Returns that I receive from HMRC. I want to make it easy to link up with the Vat Calculation Worksheet as they have the same information. Having said that I also need to put the Corporation Tax Returns somewhere in Manager as well.

I would create a folder for them in the Folders tab.

Thank you. I will give that a go as I can’t see where else to put it and perhaps it would make sense to link it up with all the other taxes for HMRC.

Why not just attach them to the corresponding payment transaction. A pdf printout from the worksheet can also be attached to the same place (If you use that).

I considered that, but I just felt like it would be too difficult to keep track of whether I have all documents attached if I put it in the payments transaction in the Receipts and Payments tab as all the other transactions would not have any documents attached. With the Purchase Invoice tab, every transaction has the Suppliers Invoice, so it’s very easy to see if I have missed any transactions.

I will put it in the folders tab.

It’s easy to find, just search for the label those transactions get, all should have an attachment if that’s how you are doing it.
Alternatively write an invoice and then they could be with your other invoice attachment if that’s what you prefer.

The advantage of attaching it to Manager transactions is you can use Manager’s data structure to maintain a filing system & search functionality.

What ever you prefer is best though.

I will clarify what I mean. When I go to purchase invoices - every invoice has the supplier invoice attached to it. So when I open purchase invoices to create a new invoice, I can quickly and easily see if any older invoices are missing their attachment because I don’t always get the suppliers invoice before I create the purchase invoice.

This principle would work for the adding attachments to the VAT Calculation Worksheet Reports. Every report would have an attachment so again easy to see when you next go into that secion if something is missing an attachment.

The problem with your suggestion is that I have hundreds of payments every year. Only 5 payments would actually need an attachment so I would notice if a previous VAT quarter did not have it’s attachment unless I did a search on all VAT Payments.

I want the attachments be linked to transactions that are all grouped together without me having to do searches. I think I will go with Tut’s suggestion and create a folder as I need to do Dividends, Corporation Tax etc attachments.

I include in my transactions to the tax department a common word such as “Tax”, “VAT”, or “HMRC”.
Then when working with them a quick search shows the few relevant transaction.
But what ever works for you is good

The advantage of my method is that I don’t have to do any searching because usually I am not thinking about checking whether they all have attachments, I more notice by accident that invoice abc does not yet have it’s attachment.

But as you say, whatever works for you.