Reports showing bold in latest period column

The formatting in the reports (TB, BS, PL) seem to have changed so that the latest period column is in bold. Is it possible to make the bold an option in the report? Thanks!

Do you mean in the 2nd column ie labels, numbers, numbers, …

I noticed that a few upgrades before - probably a minor bug

If I have a column for current year and previous year in a report, the current period numbers shows in bold.

I looked at the history of this Guide: (something moderators can do). The text about the top entry in the list of comparative columns appearing in bold type was added in November 2016. And I personally have paper copies of the reports you mention from 2015 that show this feature, so it was in the program then, probably from the beginning. It is not new.

Is it possible to have the bold be set up as an option in the new report menu?

I can only tell you that formatting of reports has never been possible. Only content can be defined, for some parameters (such as date ranges and descriptive titles) on some reports. For quite a few reports, no choices are available at all.

You can always copy the report to the clipboard, paste into a spreadsheet, and adjust formatting there. The developer has always resisted making this accounting program a graphic design or publishing tool.

That’s what I’ve been doing. It would be nice to eliminate the extra step but I understand where the developer is coming from. Thanks!