Reporting with filter on different criteria

Dear sir,
Kindly update your software according to newly born app.
Include filter on reporting with different criteria.
You know about devexpress grid and crystal report.very handy for simple and complex reporting.

Please do not double-post. You have already made this suggestion.

Kindly draw more reports. Such as included already for sales.
Purchase order
Sales order
Delivery note
I am vb6 and programmer and I have my own customized app. After seeing your app I stop converting my app .
I go through your software it has more flexible features which really programmer need time to draw. But still loops is available. As a programmer I need to know for reporting aspects. Posting data is easy into databases. Forever reporting required.
Kindly bring attention towards easy principles for drawing custom reporting.
I am accountant also.

Thanks for keeping me update for each update. I really enjoy of fascinating question raise by accountant in this forum.

Thanks for your all supports and timely reply
One day your application will be mature app.

Best regards
Muhammad irfan