Reporting last month's expenses


My accountant requires me to identify a list of expenses that separate NET and VAT and GROSS. The sum of all VAT is then offset against any VAT I charge my clients.

Is such a report available?


I’ve answered my own question by discovering the tax transactions report! However I also wanted to include expenses that does not attract VAT so as to identify all expenditure in a given month, which is then deducted from my gross income. In this instance I created a 0% custom VAT field in ‘settings’ and then ‘tax codes’

It might be worth updating the software to include the German tax codes ‘exempt - 0%’ and ‘zero - 0%’.


Another question relating to this topic, perhaps the option is somehow already available. How would I identify the receiving expense account in the ‘tax transactions’ report without modifying the Payee? Hertz is Travel, Bank name to Bank charges and so on…


Tax Transactions report doesn’t show account names. This report is actually going to be removed and replaced by ability to setup custom report where you will be able to specify individual columns as required.