Chart of Account Listing with tax code

This accounting application does not have a report showing all accounts with account code, tax code. This report should be listing this accounts by the account groups.
Report should look like:
Account Class: Assets
Sub Class: Current Assets

                            Account Name       Code       Currency   Tax Code    Start Balance as of

Not sure why you need such a report.
A tax code relates to the transaction type not the chart of account.
A chart of account could contain transactions with differing tax codes
Even a single transaction could contain mixed tax codes

I am in Canada and my company is only reporting HST with 13% for all transactions with a few exceptions. I am using Journal Entries to report smaller and misc. expenses (single tax authority) instead of creating purchase invoices. The system automatically calculates the tax portion (HST included) in the input amount and offsets the tax liability.

@andreas, unless you have a very old and outdated version of Manager, it is not possible to record expenses with journal entries, because journal entries (in Manager) do not permit the entry of transactions involving bank or cash accounts. When money comes into or leaves the company, those transactions can only be recorded via Spend Money or Receive Money functions in the Bank Accounts and Cash Accounts tabs. Virtually every expense is going to involve payment from one or another, so how are you actually recording things?

If your version permits bank or cash account allocations in journal entries, you should update.

OK, but why do you need the COA Listing with Tax Codes report which was your initial thread topic.

Are these smaller & misc expenses out of pocket payments, if yes, then instead of journals perhaps it would be better to use the Expense Claim tab or alternatively set up a petty cash float.

You are correct with your answers. There are many ways to execute these transactions. The chart of accounts report is helpfully to verify the setup, to be sure that all accounts are setup correctly.

The owner of the company has a draw from the bank each month. I am using an account Owners Equity. Every months I receive invoices from the owner which he has paid during that month for hydro, water, property taxes, leasehold improvements etc. The property is in his name and he does not create an expense report. The owners equity account keeps track of the owners contribution and all these expenses are booked against the equity account. Using a cash account would not reflect the correct situation. I am creating a monthly journal and book all these expenses. No money flows out of the company for these expense.

The best way to handle payment of company expenses from the owner’s personal funds is via Expense Claims. Allocate the claims’ individual line items to appropriate expense accounts, depending on what has been purchased. The expense claims will credit a liability account that is created automatically when the Expense Claims tab is enabled. Once a month, use a journal entry to clear to Owner's equity by debiting Expense claims and crediting Owner's equity.

Thanks for your feedback and giving my directions. This still does not change the initial issue. Having a report properly showing the chart of accounts with the related information would be helpful, especially with the account and tax codes. I have never came across an accounting package which does not provide a listing of all the accounts. It is difficult to structure and CoA without having the option to verify the settings, considering the CoA can be structured with grouping accounts.