Report title - Statement

It seems the title for reports of “Statements (Unpaid Invoices)” and “Statements (Transactions)” is being a same “Statement”. (for both Customers and Suppliers)
And we do not have any option to change the title.
I feel it would be better to have appropriate title or an option to change the title.
Looking for other forum members ideas.

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You actually can change the title with a custom theme. But custom themes are considered obsolete. So the Guide on how to do this was removed. Replacements for custom themes have been promised, but have not yet been introduced.

How would you call the statement? Isn’t it enough that the customer or supplier is mentioned on the report?


@Tut as you said the custom themes are considered obsolete now. So looking for a way without that.
@Mark how did you get that title as you mentioned on your post as “Statement of Unpaid Invoices”, I could not get that title. Both the reports title are being just “Statement” only for me.
I just want the representation of the meaning of those statements as it is on the reports command menu/button:
“Statements (Unpaid Invoices)”
“Statements (Transactions)”

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It’s like that in server v23.8.1.930. What version are you using?

I’m using the cloud version:

@Mark are you using a Custom theme because it is not present in the default theme.

Oops, my bad, I see I do use a custom theme: