Heading issues from "statement" to "Unpaid Invoices Statement

In order to differentiate the two statements Generated i.e. unpaid invoices statement & the Ledger format statement under customer statements and supplier statement, why don’t you change the heading “statement” to “Unpaid invoices Statement” in both the customer statement and suppliers statement tabs. Better still provide a custom title tab.

You use a custom theme to differentiate between the two in the meantime

How would that make any difference when it comes to headings?

It would be nice to have a more elaborate heading to mention “Unpaid Invoices” as it is actually what it is, unlike just “statement” as it stands currently. Providing a custom title tab would be another solution.

You could program the theme to use a different heading

The themes are programmed in the Liquid programming language - someone with knowledge of the language could add some code to change the heading for these reports/statements to something more appropriate

Admittedly, it would be much better to have a custom title option