Report - Statement of Account In/Out

Hi guys, i see from the section “REPORTS” we can make report for “account receivable” and “account payable”. would be nice to have 1 unique records that will put both payable & receivable for one specifc customer, i have many customer that are both clients & providers so i need to have a Balances Statement of Account. Has someone of you solved this?

Probably the only way possible would be to export both reports, then merge and sort within a spreadsheet program.

Alternatively, in agreement with your customer/supplier you could contra the accounts receivable/accounts payable so there is only one balance. In agreement, as they may not have the same capabilities within their system - see below

this is yes a solution for clearing the accounts when the payment comes/it´s done, but it doesn’t really get a SOA where we can obtain the balance. seems the only solution to make export and create it manually