How to handle contact which is supplier & customer at the same time

We have Vendor who sometimes purchase our services, so we have invoices from them, and we issue them invoices, payment is done for the reconcile of the two invoices.

how this could be done, so all Vendor/Customer Transactions ( our invoices, his invoices, payments) to be shown on the Statement of account

I also encountered this issue recently.

I rent a place from my client. So, end of the month. I need to give him a balance statement.
As the customer and supplier are not linked we have to take statements from payable and receivable and send it.

Appreciate some solutions on this.

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Hopefully Manager staff will address this.

You will need to create this person as a supplier and then as a customer.

If this person as a customer owes you $5,000 and you owe this person as a supplier $3,000, what you want to do is to offset $3,000 from both amounts so you don’t owe anything while they still owe you $2,000.

You can enter this non-cash offset transaction as a journal entry where you record it as:

  • Account: Customer credits, credit $3,000
  • Account: Supplier credits, debit $3,000

Maybe in future it will be possible to link related customer & supplier accounts so these entries would be done automatically.

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Thanks didn’t get this very well, am not an accountant :smile:
having a button on customer/Vendor to highlight him as Vendor/Customer, is the best way, so all his transaction will be in one location once select to view customer/Vendor Statement of account

hope to see it soon

@Ayman, what you are suggesting is likely to lead to problems, particularly for users of Manager without a lot of accounting knowledge. Customers mostly affect receivables. Suppliers mostly affect payables. Mixing the two is almost certain to lead to many mistakes. My guess is that across all Manager users and all their customers, the situation where a supplier is also a customer will be fairly rare. Of course, that is just my opinion.

sorry to open the topic again this is the same scenario i am facing at the moment with my suppliers and customers, i just want to know if there is any easy way out.

Simply create a contra bank account → Receive/Pay through this contra a/c. Contra a/c should be zero after you do any transactions between your same supplier and customer.

e.g Say you have same Customer & Supplier name ABC Ltd. Create both name in customer as well as in supplier.
Step 2. Create Bank or Cash account called “Contra A/C”
Step 3. Process sales and purchases as normal for ABC Ltd.
Step 4. Pay and receive through contra a/c. Say your Sales is $500 and purchase is $1000.
Step 5. Receive $500 to contra a/c and Pay $500 through contra a/c.
Now you will see that customer bal is 0 contra a/c bal is 0 and you still owe $500 to your supplier.

why complicate things when Manager already has Journal Entries? a journal entry would do exactly the same thing without any unnecessary transactions appearing in your Customer or Supplier statement.
your suggestion makes two transaction entries whereas it can be done easily with a single journal entry.

the easiest way was already answered.

Yes easy ways are there, but if you need to track payment details???

if payment was made then there is no need to make any contra entries.
sales will remain as sales and purchase liability will still remain as a liability. the sales part will be totally completed.

best way to see, all his transaction in one contra account

something like following

Edit View 16/01/2018 Contra A/c ABC Ltd 5,00.00 Cleared
Edit View 16/01/2018 Contra A/c ABC Ltd −5,00.00 Cleared

Anyways, it depends on individuals how they want to do it. I prefer this way because anytime i can have quick peek through bank transaction…

@himayun19, please just read this Guide: Manager Cloud.