Report of credit notes with tracking codes

I have entered a Tracking Code on my Credit Notes - can I now produce a report of credit notes ordered by tracking codes - if so - how?


Probably you should try with a custom reports

Thanks Davide - but there isn’t an option for Tracking Code under “Select” when using Credit Notes in “From” when setting up Custom Report

The Credit Notes will only have information about the Credit Note header. You need to list the Credit Notes line data

Thanks Joe91 - can you explain more please - I am not familiar with your information.

You will need to use the General Ledger Transactions and look for the records you need

I am not sure what fields you want or are available but you can select the tracking codes using the Select option and then narrow down your search from there

Thanks I will give it a try

Yes… but it seems that both credit and debit notes are not exposed in general ledger transaction table…

Mine are

Thanks Davide and joe91 - with your assistance I have been able to produce the report i need,