Report Formats


I have a need to extract data in an excel format to perform special macros and formulas. Is this possible?


What information do you want? Almost every list or report can be exported. Read the Guide on this subject.


I didn’t expect a question back to my question. Without having to go into details of my business management I thought my question was clear. If the answer is "yes’ then please advise if it is "no’ then please say so.

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The answer depends on what data you want.


have you read this guide?


The type of data? I was thinking of any or all the reports available in Manager. I really desire to find a way to get the results of any report in a an excel format.


Then read the Guide @sharpdrivetek linked to.


Hi Tut,
I am hoping you can help?
For some reason when exporting data my computer doesn’t like the date format. I am on the UK system. Is there anyway of correcting this as at the moment i am having to go through each transaction and change the date before sorting in excel?


you can first sort in Manager by clicking the column headings and then export it.


Is the date format in manager the same as the date format on your computer/laptop?

The date format in Manager is in the Preferences menu

The date format on your computer/laptop is - well, that depends on what you are using - Windows, Mac, …


The date format being used by Excel may even have been defined in your Excel preferences or specifically for the cells where you are pasting the data.


Ok i will check. Thank you


Thats great! I have changed the date format in Preferences and now it so much easier to work with:sweat_smile: