Replies on this topic are automatically deleted after 7 days

I noticed many of the new localisation / programming threads have this or a similar warning.

I struggling with the logic behind it.
When I want to do something I will often start by looking at what others have done in particular

  • What worked
  • What didn’t work
  • How hard others find the task
  • The expertise of others who have been successful or unsuccessful compared to myself.

In particular I try to assess the difficulty of the task before I start. If other people ask questions I don’t think are hard yet still succeed then I will have a go. Conversely if people with much more ability than me are failing to get it working then I’m much less likely to try.

I can see some thread can get very long, making the information less accessibly and sometimes less relevant. I normally deal with that by looking at the first and last page of a thread first.

For something which has been around for awhile history is useful. Such as

  • Who has worked on this recently
  • Has my “new” idea actually already been tried and found to have other problems.

In summary, I don’t think deleting posts is generally a good idea.

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I can’t speak for Lubos, but I believe the idea behind it is that the topics will not be open for a long time. The idea is to setup the localities and then once it is done, it does not have to be done again. In which case, not much point in having the topic permanent?

OK, I will remove auto-delete for now and see what happens in long-term. Maybe 1 week is too agressive.