Forum frustration

I’m trying to be an active participant in the conversations here, and I have a lot to ask and a few things to say because I’m just moving to Manager and it’s tax season so I have a lot of accounting to do.

Unfortunately, this Forum imposes Draconian limits on how many postings and responses each user can make in a day. I spend time writing and formatting a post, only to be told after submitting it that I have exceeded the daily limit and must wait 24 hours.

Can these limits please be raised? They’re too low. (What, exactly, are the limits, anyway?)

Understand that this forum is a third-party affair, not one created by @lubos. Privileges increase with participation. At your rate, I think you’ll soon see restrictions fall away. If you play around within your profile and badges, you can find your way to some of the forum guidance.

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Seems to have already happened! :smile:

It appears that you joined one day ago. What is probably happening is that the forum limits you to prevent spam as its common for spammers to join and then spam all topics before getting deleted. Once you have been on for a couple of weeks and answered a few questions, I would imagine that you will have unlimited posting rights.