Removing old assets & liabilities from summary screen

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I list loans and mortgages as Liabilities, and endowments and pensions as Assets. When I have paid my liabilities back and received payouts from pensions or other investments, the Summary Page still lists them. Is there a way of making them ‘not active’, as with unused/closed Accounts, to ‘cleanup’ my Summary page? Trivial, I know, but I feel the Summary Page should reflect current rather than current and historic points in time.

I hasten to add that I am a humble home/pc user, so won’t be surprised if I have not used the correct accounting technique, here, so apologies in advance.


Update your software. Version 18.10.55 added ability to exclude zero balances.


Could you point me in the right direction, please? Looked in settings/ chart of accounts and customise. Can’t find a section on the forum.

Click Edit on the Summary screen. This used to be Set Period:


The Guide has not been updated yet, since this only came out yesterday.

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Thanks yet again. Great addition!