Less Expenses on Summary page

I own an Excavation Business and buy and sell machinery/vehicles/plant trailers etc that are used in the business. Each plant item has its own expenses with each plant item listed separately under Less Expenses on the Summary Page so as to keep track of what is spent on each item. I have items that have been sold over the years and I am now getting a large list of ‘Less Expenses’ for some items that I no longer own. I realise this is a continuing accounting system and these no longer needed heading under ‘Less Expenses’ cant be deleted. Is there a way these now unused items under ‘Less Expenses’ can be closed from view when sold so and not appear after this date on the Summary Page. Many thanks.

If the Summary period is set up as the current financial year, then the expense accounts associated with the old machines will have zero amount. Selecting exclude accounts with zero balance will eliminate them

Many thanks… so easy. Cheers and thanks once again.

I’m not sure having a separate account for each piece of machinery is the best way to keep track of the expenses.

Where these fixed assets?

Using tracking codes might be a better option

The old item of machinery do have a zero balance and these items not showing in the current financial year is perfect. Many thanks.