Remove Link Up of printed voucher and report

After updated to newest version, everi i print the voucher and report in upper of document is printed to link to the file as below

Can u fix it.

Are you printing from the Print button within the Manager window? Or are you trying to use an operating system or browser command?

Are you using server edition and accessing Manager via web-browser? If so, this is not something to be fixed in Manager, it’s something you need to configure in your web-browser.

Check your web-browser help how to remove headers and footers from printed documents. Or don’t use Print button and use Email button instead.

Oke lubos i got the way

  1. Iam using Firefox
  2. Click Menu
  3. Click PRINT
  4. Click Page Setup
  5. Click Margin/ Header & Footer
  6. Set it all BLANK
  7. Click OK
  8. Its Done!

Simply You could remove it by following steps :
Ctrl+P > More setting > uncheck headers and footers option > Print .

@Mohamed_Mamdouh you are responding to an obsolete 5 year old topic.