Removal of Description

Can you please give an option to remove description from invoice in upcoming update or is there any way to remove it.

If you are referring to the summary-level description above the line items on any transaction, leave it empty and nothing will show. If you are referring to the description column in the line item section, why would you want to remove it? How would anyone know what the transaction is for?

It can be listed in item’s, but if I left description column blank…It doesn’t appear in invoice. But I want items column section to be appeared in invoice.

First you said you wanted to remove the Description. Then you said it can be listed. Next you said if you left it blank it doesn’t appear. Finally, you said you wanted the Item to show. So what is your question?

While entering item’s in inventory (description left blank) than in invoice item’s column is missing. For that I have to enter in both column I.e item’s and description.

I still don’t understand what you mean. Before, you were talking about invoices. Now you have introduced inventory item definitions.

There are three identifiers for an inventory item: item code, item name, and description. For a discussion of what each is for and what happens if one or another is blank, read the Guide: Create and manage inventory items | Manager.