Reinstall manager

I decided to change my operating system form windows 10 32 bit to windows 10 64 bit
my manager file is in a dropbox folder.
I have now downloaded the manager software to my user directory but it doesn’t recognise my manager file in the dropbox folder.

Is the application path (under preferences) pointing to your Dropbox folder ?

Hi Brucanna

Yes I tried this but got the message that the file does not contain any data. 2017-07-24(1).png

I also enclose a screen shot of the actual files in the dropbox folder 2017-07-24.png.


Hi Brucanna
I eventually solved it.
I needed to import the business into the new file in my appdata directory.
Then I had to copy these files into my dropbox folder, after which I could change the directory I am looking at.