Reflect amount at hand in summary

Is there a way to show in summary how much money is at hand in both cheque and cash accounts. In other words, a reflections of the total amount available in both accounts.

The Summary - Cash and Cash Equivalents account show the total amount available in both accounts

Thanks for your response. The problem is that it shows gross amount received and not with expenditure subtracted. I would like to keep track of how much is available when expenditure has been subtracted.

That account can only reflect the actual balance - it doesn’t distinguish between receipts and payments.
Can you provide an example of what you mean ?

Say I’ve made 1000 in total sales and my total expenses are 300, is it not supposed to reflect 700 as balance available? I have been entering my expenses through journal entries.

That is your problem. Any transaction involving money moving into or out of the business must be created under the Cash Accounts tab. If you have not, read the applicable Guides at

You probably now have a balance showing on the Summary page in Suspense. Drill down on the balance of that account and fix those transactions. Suspense is where Manager puts incomplete or unbalanced transactions until you fix them.

That fixes the issue, thank you Tut.