Reference column can disappear while sorting

The recent combination of bank and cash transactions into a single Receipts & Payments tab can result in unnumbered bank transactions being mixed with automatically numbered cash transactions. If the particular transactions listed on a given screen do not happen to include reference numbers, that column is suppressed, making it impossible to sort by reference number. This could be troublesome for users trying making the transition, especially if they are trying to fill in missing references.

Here is the default view:


Here is the view after sorting on # in ascending order, so no transactions with numbers appear on the first page:


This behavior is not consistent throughout the program. For example, when a custom field has been defined to show as a column, it does so, even if no record in the tab has content in that field. Similarly, if there are no reference numbers for any debit note, the column still shows in the Debit Notes tab:


I have not tested where else in the program inconsistencies might exist.

The solution should be to suppress the column only if no records in a list contain reference numbers, not when records on the page contain none.

This was an issue across all tabs and columns.

Fixed in the latest version (18.8.65).