Redirect after deleting writeoff

If I delete a writeoff from a “vaste activa”, I get redirected to the summary page instead of the page where the item was

Please translate “taste activa.” Also, provide more detail about what you mean by “write-off.” Are you actually writing off inventory? Are you deleting a line item somewhere? Are you deleting a record? Describe exactly which module you are in and what you are doing.

“vaste activia” is the dutch translation for “Fixed Assets”

Okay, thanks. If, by “write-off,” you mean depreciation, I was able to reproduce this behavior. I don’t know why it happens. It seems that if there are other remaining depreciation entries, deleting one should return you to the list of depreciation entries. If the one you delete is the last, it would make sense to return to the Fixed Assets list.

Bouncing all the way back to the Summary makes it awkward to work on a fixed asset, especially if you are trying to make a correction.

@lubos, is there a reason for this? Or could the redirect be more logical? Even always returning to the Fixed Assets list, regardless whether other depreciation entries remain, would be preferable.

I’m able to reproduce this issue. Fixed in the latest version (16.1.77)