Request Batch Create for Recurring Sales Invoices

Is it possible to request Batch Create and Batch Update for the Recurring Sales Invoices?

It would solve a lot of hard work entering and making changes one by one. We have 250 students and we use invoices to remind students of their payment due. Each generated invoice, we have to edit the description, and that is a hassle looking through 250 invoices. With the Batch Create and Update, it would simplify our task to edit via excel and copy and paste the changes required.

Why do you need to keep editing description. What are you trying to achieve?

Basically, in the description, we explain the payment for which month. Example, we put on the description “Tuition Fee for January 2016,” and by the end of the January, we send out another invoice with the description “Tuition Fee for February 2016” and so on. If we just simply put “Tuition Fee” on the description and let it auto generate, we would come into many problems such as needing to explain to the students or the parents about the payment for which month. Due to the human nature, not all can grasp the date on the invoice as for which month. For that reason, we have to be specific to convey messages to get the payment in. Furthermore, we do have overdue invoices, specific description helps us identify what is overdue.

Secondly, we also edit the Due Date. Our payment due date falls on the 10th of every month. The problem with the Recurring Sales Invoice, the Due Date is based upon the “Days after issue date.” We have to calculate the number of days on which it will fall on the 10th. In a certain month, the calculation of the number of days is off by 1 day because of the 30 and 31 days months. When it falls on that certain month with a 1 day off, we have to go one by one to correct the number of days to ensure it will be on the 10th.

These are the reasons why I requested for the Batch Create and Batch Update. By using Excel, we could quickly edit the changes on the data of the Recurring Sales Invoice. We don’t need to go through one by one making changes.

Manager is an excellent tool for managing the accounts of a school so a feature that can batch create invoices will be an excellent tool to have

A batch ability could help updating pricing changes without having to edit each one when the changes occurs. Perhaps a link to recurring invoices based on description. We do condo fee invoices; all are the same but cost changes each fiscal year. It would probably help with many users who initiate new commodity pricing.

Do you have the condo fees set up as Non-Inventory Items ?
If they were you would just need to change the rates there for them to flow through to each invoice

I see how to set sales items but do not see how to set them as 'non-inventory". i can see that this would work - just can’t seem to find the right input screen.

You might need to update as Sales Items and Purchase Items have been combined to become Non-Inventory Items under Settings.

Found Inventory Items but not non-inventory… I’ll try one.

No joy - I’ll keep searching.

AS previously mentioned - you need to update, download a more recent edition

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Inventory Items is a tab under Customize. Non-inventory Items is a settings category under the Settings tab.

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Got the update. Now have the option. Will see how it rolls… Thanks for the info

This suggestion wont remove the need to edit but it “may” simplify the edit by just selecting a different month rather then changing a string of text.

Create non-inventory items for each month and a generic tuition fee item. Put both the month and generic items on the invoice - then for the subsequent month just select a new month item.

Also any changes in Fees can be globally changed