Recurring Purchase Invoice Edit Screen Problem

A client’s recurring purchase invoice settings do not load the fields for recurring purchase invoice instructions.

I couldn’t reproduce it from my side but was able to confirm it from their cloud account.
Can anyone else reproduce it?

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I couldn’t reproduce it myself but I wonder if this could be solved by restarting the cloud server.

It has been like this for days

What fields?
Custom fields?

I already tried this method. I restarted the cloud server. but problem still here

Could you login to your API page at https://{your domain} then go to:

  • {Your business} > RecurringPurchaseInvoice > {key of object involved}

And see what’s in there.

There is no RecurringPurchaseInvoice

if I change the URL

Putting RecurringPurchaseInvoice in the URL shouldn’t work anyways.

And …

This means you have no recurring purchase invoices to begin with. It’s likely that there’s been some kind of data corruption here.

Now, what can I do?

Wait until the bug is fixed.

Until then, you can try creating a new recurring invoice and test the behavior.


Should be fixed in the latest version (22.6.20)

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