Bill Of Material (BOM) Transactions

I’m using Manager for my bicycle manufacturing business.
I buy individual items but manufacture products on BOM bases where 1 product consists of multiple items.
Can I define the BOM once & just make production orders, sales based on that product & the related items gets calculated automatically ?

You asked a bunch of interrelated questions there, @GSM. You will have to generate production orders individually. Manager will not make a decision for you to manufacture based on sales. How would it know? After all, you might make some products from scratch, buy units of the same product from a supplier, etc.

Once you have set up an initial production order, you can clone it for future production runs. That will carry over the BOM.

Are you manufacturing to create inventory for future sales or are you manufacturing to specific order.

If for inventory use Production Orders and as mentioned above, use clone feature for future production.
If to specific order, then as an alternative, use Settings - Inventory Kits where you can create the build

Hi guys ! Thanks. I understand what ur saying.

Plz tell me one more thing. Imagine I’m making a product named X. I use a,b & c as sub items to make the product x.

Now in inventory items. Should I create X also as an inventory item alone with a,b,c ? Or just create the X in BOM production order ?

Yes, as the PO will require it

I just tried to make a production order as you guys said. It’s works & we can clone it.
However there is a issue.

  1. Our production order QTY is not always same. It depends on the buyer’s orders that decides how much to make. So how can we clone it & change the qty automatically.

Overtime I make a production order, I have to manually define the BOM qty. Can it be automatically based on a one time based BOM ? I hope you understand what i’m trying to say.

If you are producing the “identical” amount of finished goods then you can use the Clone feature of a previous Production Order so re-entry of raw materials is not required

Currently it is not possible to store a Bill of Materials for a particular finished good and then have an automatic calculation of the raw materials used, but it is a proposed as a future improvement.

Alright I got it.
However as a friendly suggestion. I would like to propose that kindly update the features as below as it’ll be very helpful to any manufacturing unit & I would even pay for it if needed in future.

Buy sub parts.
Make a product out of it like a BOM.
Multiple level BOM.
Sales orders.
Purchase orders.
Both orders & inventory are linked to each other for all planning & operational purposes.
Manage accounts of sales & purchase linked to inventory items in & out.
Multiple warehouse mrp.
Quotations based on BOM & latest purchase price of BOM parts.

These are some of the imp things.
I know that’s a lot but being a owner of a manufacturing unit I face these issues everyday.

I would love it if manager type app could be used in Mac to do all this & Would absolutely love it if it’s linked to my phone with a app also so that I can use it on the go too.

Wish you all the best. I support manager & whole team behind it. Cheers Guys !