Recurring Invoice Description

Hi. Anyway to change the ‘Description’ of a recurring invoice when generated, via user input.


I have recurring invoices monthly and 3 monthly. Invoices are fixed price.
I set monthly’s to generate on the first of the month and 3 monthly on the 2nd of the month (every 3 months).
I would like to set the description of the invoices when the ‘Create’ button appears. ie. a text box next to Create button to enter text like “services for 01/01/2018 to 31/01/2018” when the monthly’s appear, and different text for 3 monthly’s etc.

This is to replace the default description of the recurring invoice, not the line items.
At the moment, the only way I see this to happen is to generate the invoices then edit each one.

I understand that if I generate the recurring invoices on the 3rd of the month from the start of a new quarter it will incorporate all invoices (monthly and 3 monthly) but that’s the users problem for not running on the day required etc.

Any help appreciated as we are looking at moving to a new accounting package.

No way with the actual instruments. The only way I see is to generate them through APIs through a custom plugin.

Or maybe with a custom template (not storing dates but only visualising them) if liquid supports dates edit functions like excel (to calculate the end of months).

Thought as much. Unfortunately, a deal breaker for me. Maybe something to be looked at for the future. We generate over 50 invoices per month and about 200 per quarter. Editing the description for each one would be way too time consuming. Would’ve been nice to have a text box next to the Create button to replace the default description of the recurring invoices. Might check back in the future to see if anything of such has been implemented.

Your idea actually involves editing 50 separate recurring invoices each month and 200 each quarter. There is no linkage between the pending invoices. Think about it. What if you offered 6 different service packages and had a mix of those represented in your list of recurring invoices. If the program allowed overriding of Descriptions with a single field, you could end up with the same description going out with what should be 6 varieties of invoice. The solution, in my opinion, is to include a note in a custom field (or the Description, for that matter) stating that the invoice covers the preceding month or quarter.

I understand what you are saying, but if you had 6 different service packages, I would generate package 1 on the 1st of the month, pack2 on the second of the month etc, that way they don’t get generated together and you could specify the correct description for each of them. All I’m saying is that a text field next to the Create button, leave it blank and it uses the desc from the recur original, change it and it replaces the original for the current run

I also understand what you are suggesting. Some users, though, would definitely not want to stagger their recurring invoices. One of the design principles behind Manager is to try to reduce the potential for mistakes. Your suggestion opens the possibility for many.

I disagree. I don’t understand how it opens the possibility for many mistakes. It is an option for the user. They can choose to use it or not. Why limit the potential of the software by being wary of the user making a mistake. You can put a label next to the text box advising that “Entering text here will replace default description of the recurring invoices.” etc… Either way, we were ready to make the move to this software, but can’t just because of this option.

If it’s so important to you and you want to stay with Manager, since it’s a very specific request, you can invest some money and manage it via APIs.