Reconciliation Headaches following Incorrect Purchase Invoice date

In the process of converting a PO to a PI i have incorrectly entered the date on the PI.

Following this I imported the associated bank statement and found the appropriate like that did not automatically reconcile (this is how i actually identified that the PI date was incorrect).

I have updated the date in the PI to the correct date.

In the Bank Account I now have two lines the same - one from the PI and one from the import.

Whats the cleanest way to reconcile / merge these two line entries in the Bank Account now so that the appear as the rest of the Accounts Payable auto Reconcile’s do?

It appears that you have duplicate entries, just delete the one you don’t want.
If that doesn’t give you the appearance you want - then delete both entries and re-import bank statement - only any unmatched entries will be re-imported.

It sounds like something else is wrong, too. A purchase invoice does not create a bank transaction. Only spending money to pay the account payable does.

Yes tut this is what has been done. Sorry, I should have been more specific.

Then follow @Brucanna’s advice.