Reconciliation failed


As the last two months were quite busy I failed to key in Receipts for my bank’s interest and it was only key-in today.

But it seems like my Bank account won’t reconcile even I chose the cleared date to be 31 Jan 2019 (as per the Bank Statement).

What should I do? Because I am unable to amend the Receipt Number as we have issued numerous receipt before I realised I missed out the bank’s interest.

Thank you.

Troubleshooting bank reconciliation remotely is almost impossible, because the program can display so many different messages, depending on your transactions. You just have to keep following the instructions it displays. Make sure you have read the Guide:

Reference numbers have nothing to do with reconciliation. Having them out of order will not affect the process, as long as issue dates and clearance dates are correct. But, if you want to modify them, you can edit them manually or with Bulk Update.