Receive money from invoice

i had generated invoice for my customer , actually two invoices to the same customer . After they had paid by bank , i am trying to receive money by bank from the invoice generated earlier. The invoices includes withholding tax. From the first invoice i receive all the due balance of tsh 4,873,887.51 and the status is “paid in full” balance due is 0, from the second invoice i try to receive all due amount which has three decimal digits , and the results is not fully paid,amount credited but balance is 0.04;
the amount which i try to receive is Tsh 2,359,322.034; but once you click create the amount which is credited is Tsh 2,359,322.03 , leaving a due balance of Tsh 0.04 (which is the difference of the two ) unpaid,

can anyone explain why this behavior is happening ?
why the system is not crediting all this amount 2,359,322.034 as it is instead it is truncating and accepting only 2,359,322.03 leaving 0.04 as unpaid balance ?
what should i do to remedy the situation?

The smallest minor division of the Tanzanian shilling is the cent, corresponding to two decimal places. Therefore, Manager rounds all entries to two decimal places. It does this for all line items and totals, because no transaction can take place with fractions of a shilling smaller than 1 cent.

What puzzles me is how you achieved a balance due to three decimal places. Can you explain?

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Is the unpaid balance 0.04 or 0.004?? The information in the OP suggests that it should be a 0.004 unpaid balance. If it is however 0.04 then maybe the unpaid balance relates to other transactions.

tut the manager itself supports these decimal numbers , in fact i receive the amount via bank from the invoice , i dont change any thing just click receive money and the amount is there i dont change anything only select the receiving account (by the way it come by default) and click create ;
so all this is by the manager itself ,

how comes it allows decimal numbers 3 decimal places in the invoice , but can understand these in the receipt ?

simple , the unpaid balance is the difference of the two , no othr transaction , you can use calculator to get the difference of the two and call amount due after you try to receive all amount due of that invoice

hope you have understood the issue now

Using calculator 2,359,322.034 Less (subtract) 2,359,322.03 equals 0.004, which is less than one (1) Tanzanian Senti. Your post states that the unpaid balance is 0.04 which is four (4) Tanzanian Senti. Therefore it appeared to me that the unpaid balance is 0.036 Senti larger than the difference and the reason why I suggested that it maybe related to another transaction for the customer. My initial post was only submitted to help you resolve the problem and if you are satisfied that the difference is equal to the unpaid balance, I will take your word for it.

@chaz, you will have to illustrate how you obtained three-place decimal fractions with screen shots. Show the edit screen for the sales invoice and the resulting view. Do the same for the receipt.

ok tut
no problem let me try to explain it in much details so that if any one can help to remedy , then he/she can so it straight away , just a moment will be loading with screenshots as proposed

you know generalegend ;

the issue stems from the fact that manager has issues handling three decimal places , that is the root cause , no another related transaction , not at all , yes the difference of the two is 0.004, correct , i wrote 0.04 -> my mistake in typing , but that doesn’t change the equation ; you can put there any figure in fact and state the same problem , that when i receive money from the invoice by bank it should take all the amount due if i dont change anything during the receipt , the fact that manager leaves some cents unreceived is the problem , and to my suspicion this stems from the fact that manager would not handle three decimal places in amounts correctly even though the invoice itself had figures with three decimal places

so we need to understand the root cause and suggest solutions if any exist . I think you can even simulate it by yourself , make an invoice with amount to three decimal places , and later receive amount from this invoice by way of bank and see if you could manage to get all the amount received , and amount due to 0,
hope i have explained alot and you could also make same happens in your manager and see, you will come to the same conclusion

well ; Tut has asked for some screenshots ,let me load it soon , for more clarification

Attachment for more clarification of the problem as per Tut request

@chaz, as I originally asked, you must post the Edit screens for the invoice and the receipt.

On top of that, your version of Manager is at least 6 months out of date. I can tell by the way totals are displayed in the invoice. So update your software first and see if the situation persists. I cannot reproduce the problem with the current version. I doubt I could have reproduced it with a version from 6 months ago. I believe you have entered something incorrectly. We’ll know after seeing the Edit screens from the two transactions (from the current version).

hello Tut and Team ,

i have managed to resolve the issue on my own , and thanks to every one who tried to cast his/her view on the topic , and i hereby share the root cause of the problem and solution so that everyone else can understand it and keep in mind next time working with manager

  1. The root cause of the problem is down to manager failure to handle three decimal places. The cause of this problem lies in the defined withholding tax amount , the withholding tax had three decimal places , this is how it was defined in the LPO i got from my customer, so without any doubt i put it into the manager the exact figure as it was defined in the LPO , the manager accepted the figure, but it had problem handling the later transactions related to that invoice , as you can refer to the problem i defined above , the due balance was not able to be wholly received and left some cents unreceived
  2. Tut , i think this problem is independent of the version of manager , you can reproduce the same problem no matter which version you use
  3. To those seeking proof of concept do one thing , create you invoice first , then below that invoice check that button saying include withholding tax , there put any amount with three decimal places , any amount of your choice to three decimal places and create your invoice / save it . Then use this invoice to receive money by bank , the manager by default will populate everything for you including the amount to be credited , i advise don[t change anything here , just click create to get your receipt , here you will see what is the problem
    4.My recommendation to manager guys , round off the defined withholding tax figure to two decimal places , no matter how many decimal places user has put there -> that will solve it once and for all

I am sorry, @chaz, but this is simply not true. When using Tanzanian shillings, Manager correctly rounds to cents, no matter how many decimal places are involved. I notice that you did not update your software. And you have not posted screen shots of the entry screens for the sales invoice or the receipt. So it is not possible to tell what you did. But it is possible your old software version may not have rounded correctly.

Further, the numbers you have shown cannot be obtained using a three-decimal fraction for the withholding tax rate. As proof, I offer the following sales invoice, using your input numbers. It was paid off with a receipt generated from the sales invoice view, just as you suggested in #3 above. All relevant edit screens are also shown. First, the end result invoice:

The invoice was created as follows:

The receipt was created as below, using only the automatically filled information:

You will notice that, to match your unspecified withholding rate, a percentage to 7 decimal places was required. The interesting thing is that the number necessary to obtain your withholding amount is one that correctly figures what withholding would be on the sub-total (amount exclusive of VAT), while Manager’s standard withholding process calculates withholding amount on the total (inclusive of VAT) as required in some countries. Therefore, you will find it easier if your sales invoices specify a manually calculated amount rather than using such a precise decimal fraction. In this case, 2% of 2,033,898.30 would be the amount.

There are a couple lessons here:

  • Update your software, especially when someone helping you on the forum says to do so.
  • Provide the troubleshooting information and images when requested so forum members can actually see what you did. That way, we don’t need to guess and back into a duplication of what happened.