Receipts & Payments/New Payments after Upgrade

Just upgraded (from 20.2.??) and go to enter New Payments - I see we now have a ‘Payee’ dropdown!!

I don’t use Suppliers/Creditors - ALL my purchases/payments are via Credit Card - ie no settlement terms so no need to run an Accounts Payable/Creditors module.

Previously, I would just start typing the name of the ‘suppler/payee’ and preemptively up would jump any previously entered names - very quick and easy.

Also, I notice that when enquiring on any historical purchases, the name of the payee has disappeared from the transactional view.

Can someone advise how I get back to my very simplistic, very quick, previous work flow??

If you would like your supplier and customers names to come up in the list then enable those tabs and enter them once.

To do this efficiently when entering a new transaction, you can open a second tab in Manager.

Doing so will mean in the future you will have access to reports on your suppliers and customers even if all transactions are entered as cash sales/ purchases in Manager.

Tks Patch.

So what you’re saying is that the only way for this to work moving forward is to create a ‘Supplier’ record for every random new payee??

And what of historical transactions?

Historical records remain as you entered them. You can leave them that

They can readily be upgraded to be included in new reports if you would like. A relatively simple way is to

  • manually link one of the existing transactions to the appropriate customer or supplier entry.
  • do a batch update.
  • This will show the old and new entry for the transactions manually updated
  • copy the new link information to all other transactions for each supplier or customer

In the future it maybe possible to do this via find and recode.

I’m saying the supplier & customer reports will be available for cash transactions as well. Manager will reliably remember and list you contact for cash transactions resulting in a better system.
You can create group contacts if detailed information is not needed eg “Walmart” (all branches) or “Petrol station”.

You can continue to manually enter supplier or customer information each time like before if that’s what you want. But their is now a better way.

Don’t think I’m quite understanding :worried:

OK - first transactional display, here’s a record processed prior to upgrade :-

It now transactionally appears in Bank Accounts tab thus :-

with the ‘Payee’ appearing in the Description column - for me this is great.

But, when I enquire on the transaction in a GL Account, now the ‘Payee’ disappears :-

Is there any functionality to ‘add’ columns to the enquiry screens?

Secondly, moving on to new payments, is there any way to have Manager preemptively recognise past ‘contacts’ as earlier versions, rather than have to set up ‘Supplier’ records for every one time Payee I use, which will be particularly time consuming, and to be honest, a PITA?

Open the Suppliers tab and create / add some suppliers such as

  • Bunnings
  • Oputs
  • PAWA
  • Supercheap
  • Woolworths

Now when entering any new transaction you can choose from one of your common suppliers (and reports for each will be available in the future).
When you drill down on Manager accounts containing both the old and new, columns for both Payee and Supplier will be show.

If you wanted to upgrade the old transaction (and you do not have to) you could by entering one transaction with both Payee and Supplier (change the Customer/Supplier/Other menu). Then when you do a batch update you will see a column for both payee and supplier so will be able to copy the new link to all old transactions.

OK, I get this bit, and have no issue with setting up ‘Supplier’ records for those Payees appearing regularly. But …
I’m personally going way backwards to have to create a Supplier account for the many once off Payees appearing each month - I come from an environment where data input is all about key strokes, and this will greatly increase key strokes AND mouse clicks for me.

I don’t get any of this??
Batch Update??
Copy New Link??

  • Create Supplier “Supplier” and select it for once off entries

  • or Select Payee “Other” and type free text, accept no enhanced reporting and expect no auto completion as you have never seen this supplier before and you will never see them again.

No problem. Manager has some powerful features. There is no need to use or learn about them. Similarly there is no need to update your old records or include them in any new reporting.
If you actually want to do this have a look at the guide
Batch Operations: Use Batch Create and Batch Update functions

Thanks for attempted assistance Patch - much appreciated.

I guess I’ll have to “swallow the pill” of ‘advancement’ again - this is why I’m VERY reluctant to perform upgrades. The last x3 I’ve done have all cost me additional processing time, and no benefit :rage:

The one ‘enhancement’ I’m waiting for that should be a no brainer has gone nowhere in 4 years …

I have not done upgrade due to this problem, all old entries remains without names then i should edit one by one to enter payee names or receipt. this drop down brought problems.
it needs alot of understanding to sort out old payments.

No all old entries keep the old free text entry now showing as a payee type “Other” entry.

You can also continue to enter data that way if it suits you best, you just don’t get the benefits of the new functionality.

You don’t need to edit them as all data is retained.

And if you did want to change them (to add new functionality to your old data) it does not need to be done one at a time.

I think as I demonstrated above Patch, while ‘all data may have been retained’, it DOES NOT show any more in the Gl Account enquiry screen …

It does show in the receipt / payment tab, or at least it does for all of my free text payees.

Anyhow in my opinion the other benefits of the recent advancement are orders of magnitude more valuable. But each to their own.

@Monman, this is already the subject of a bug report: Autocomplete for payer / payee missing.

You will notice that @Patch believes strongly that all customers/suppliers should be entered as such. That apparently works very well for @Patch. But you are an example of why I argued strenuously for inclusion of the Other category in payers/payees. (You simply do not need the Customers, Suppliers, Sales Invoices, or Purchase Invoices tabs.) I don’t know why the auto-complete feature was not included. Hopefully, that will be rectified soon.

This is not true. Even after the change to payers/payees, only transactions processed through Accounts receivable/payable are included in Customer/Supplier Statements. This issue is discussed in this thread: Cash transactions not included on statements. I originally classified it as a bug. @lubos disagreed. We will see what happens.


Even when the bug is fixed, I believe you may have to “rebuild” the auto-complete list. The Payer and Payee fields are actually new, so they have no history. Understand that what happened before was not the program accessing some stored list of payers or payees. It was just an auto-complete feature that offered progressively narrow options as you started typing a name.

Here you seem to contradict yourself. In this thread, you have said you have no use for customers/suppliers or invoices. But in the 4-year-old thread you quoted, you were asking for invoice amounts to be shown in the dropdown list when recording transactions against receipts.

You are correct the future has not yet arrived.
I my opinion this enhanced is very likely to be implemented, but that’s just my reading of what is happening.

@Patch, I thought you meant that with the current implementation you would be able to produce such a report if you wanted one in the future, meaning after you had entered everyone as a customer or supplier. I now understand you were referring to your (and my) hope that this capability would be added in future updates.

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