Receipt printer slip - Thermal printer

Good evening, I would love to see if there is any custom html/scc template in order to be able to print on thermal printers. If not is there any possibility on any future updates to me made available?

There will be some sort of customization. I’m just not so sure anymore whether HTML/CSS is a way to go. Most users don’t have required skills. I’m thinking of some other customization method which would be simpler. HTML/CSS is a backup plan if I don’t think of anything better.

To tip the scale a bit; for me one of the major advantages of Manager is just that. The possibility to create your own sales invoice template in HTML/CSS. If you decide to take another course by implementing a different customization method, I do hope you will keep the HTML/CSS method as an alternative way for the “skilled”.

I have the same need. I connected to POS Thermal Printer to print receipts but the receipt printed is not aligned. only prints part of the receipt. Please anyone with solution should assist.

Manager only prints on USLetter or A4 paper, according to your selection under Email Settings. Some users have reported success with other size papers using custom themes. But you would be responsible for such a theme yourself. You can search the forum for other discussions about this. The program has no native support for the capability.

Like @Hans , I also hope that you will keep the current HTML/CSS customization method as an alternative

@Elxan_Salmanov, you are responding on a three-year-old topic. HTML/CSS custom templates disappeared long ago. They were replaced by custom themes written in Liquid.