How to print on 58/80mm thermal paper

Please how can i configure a 58/80mm thermal printer with manager.

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Search the forum for answers by entering “Thermal” in the search box top right.

You will find multiple discussions on the subject

thanks for your response, i have done that but not seeing a suitable answer, i am not good at liquid programming. is there any one good at liquid that can help out, we can talk

soliciting work on the forum is against the forum rules. you can hire any local peogrammer to develop a custom theme for you which meets your requirements.

Please i reduce the invoice theme template table style=padding: 30px from 30 to 300px and the content shrink, i don’t have a thermal printer here to test, please will this solve my problem


Ocha - Contact me privately if you wish to pursue this.

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I have GOOJPRT JP-80DC Desktop Receipt Themal Printer 80mm
print almost half page too
I tried to contact you privately but I don’t know how can you help me to fix this issue please thanks .

The Forum has a private message system. This will be used offline from the masses.

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How to contact you privately?

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You can download and install only the drivers of a thermal printer without the physical printer and then test it on the screen

@AMM, you are responding to someone who has not posted on this topic for nearly two years.

OK to print to a thermal printer you will need to have your thermal receipt printer fully functional. That means your workstation/s required to print to the POS printer must be able to print to the thermal printer from what ever OS you are using, Linux, Mac & windows.

  1. Your Thermal Receipt printer can also be networked and whatever configuration you have chosen a test print job from the workstation / terminal should be able to product a test without garbage being printed. This will confirm the thermal printer understands the print data sent to it.
  2. Once the above is working and OK you will be ready to tweak and create your label / receipt theme in Manager.
  3. In Manager go to Settings themes select for example the Plain Theme and copy to “New Theme”. create the receipt printer theme and enter the new theme name for example “POS Test”.
  4. Use the theme code provided here in the PDF as a starting point to format your thermal print output by pasting the code into your POS Test Theme.

CODE - This code was originally found on this forum and adapted.

POS Theme.pdf (19.3 KB)

  1. Click update
  2. Now go create or select an Invoice then choose edit, tick the “Custom Theme” box and select the name of your POS Theme you created in step 3
  3. Your invoice may look similar to this

  1. If you want the receipt theme permanent for say invoices go to settings, Form Defaults and tick the Custom theme box and select the POS Theme you created in step 3.

Good luck!

Once above theme was created this is the output. Could you please see?
Thank you.

The first line says it all so check in the code which line beginning with {{ you forgot to terminate with }}

Thanks a lot…Don’t have that skill, however will try.