Printing on Thermal Printer

How can I take print of invoice on thermal printer?

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The type or size of paper you print on has nothing to do with Manager. These are selected in the print dialog box of your operating system. You will encounter some limitations on how small the paper can be because there are minimum widths to many columns to allow adequate room for the contents. I’m sorry, but I don’t know what that width is.

Tut, maybe a custom template could be used to include the contents.

has there been any changes in Manager that have made it possible to print on thermal printer? I intend to use it for my small grocery store and i have thermal printer with 80mm size.

Grocery store would be making cash sales only but it’s currently not possible to customize receipts using HTML. You will need to wait for that functionality a bit.

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Could you possibly mashup a theme that fits cash receipts on a 58/80mm thermal printer? Its weird to print a cash receipt on a whole A4 paper when it only takes line 20% of the entire sheet. Also, some people may want to use Manager as a Point of Sale solution so A4 will be thoroughly uneconomical. Thanks

You can modify at theme.
We did that way and it’s working

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Could you possibly send me the modified theme?

we added

Please help with modified theme or tutorials on how to to it. Thank you


can you give this theme please

@San_Thida_Myo_Latt, Please give me more information on that

Kindly guide me I want to use a thermal printer for sale invoices but manager invoices are in portrait mode how I can convert them to portrait mode

I have a client that uses a thermal printer and he is using it with just fine. The setup for the paper size is done in the preferences for the printer not in

You just need to select a proper sized logo and remove all nowraps from the theme and the driver for the printer will take care of the rest for you.

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I’ve done exactly that

please can you give this theme please ,this is very helpfull for me

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please can you send me

Now remember, you are using a web browser to access the software .
In order to make the print format to your specifications, you will need to change the PRINT SETTINGS on the browser, and NOT in the Printer settings itself ( on the PC or Mac).

Go to the settings on the browser and look for the Printer options and take it from there.

I’ll send you a sample screenshot shortly.

i am waitting your reply ,thank you very much